Ubiquiti UniFi Building Bridge XG

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A 60 GHz wireless point-to-point bridge with 10G SFP+ uplink for maximum performance.

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UBB-XG is a 60 GHz wireless bridge with 5 GHz radio for backup. Thanks to 10 Gbps SFP+ interface, 5 GHz Radio Redundancy and UniFi Network Management, the UBB-XG allows reaching the 6Gbps throughput rate and range of up to 500 m. UniFi® Building-to-Building Bridge is the ideal solution for short-range, high-throughput connectivity.
As a pack of two radios, UniFi Building-to-Building Bridge contains everything you need to get up and running within minutes. Enjoy simple, easy-to-use gigabit connectivity anywhere. Use the integrated outer diameter alignment LED indicator to adjust the UBB position for optimal signal to the other bridge device.
Thanks to UniFi Network Application you will be able to centrally manage multiple networks from an intuitive interface; enjoy real-time device insights and deep configuration options; upgrade device firmware remotely; personalize the design, architecture, and privacy of guest hotspots; set up devices quickly and manage them on the go with a powerful mobile app.

Package Contents:

  • UniFi Building-to-Building Bridge (x2)
    Mounting kit (x2)
    Gigabit PoE (48V, 0.32A) with mounting bracket (x2)
    Power cord (x2)


  • 500 m (1,640 ft) maximum range
  • 60 GHz & 5 GHz dual-radio redundancy
  • (1) 10G SFP+ and (1) GbE PoE++ port
  • Powered using PoE++*
  • Built-in LED alignment indicators
  • Sold as 2-pack

Note. Cannot be set up standalone and must be managed by a UniFi Console, Official UniFi Hosting, or a Self-Hosted UniFi Network Server.

*Includes PoE power adapter.

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