Ubiquiti Switch Ultra 210W

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A compact, Layer 2, 8-port GbE PoE switch with versatile mounting options.

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Compact Networking Solution
Experience the pinnacle of network performance in a compact form factor with the Ubiquiti USW-Ultra-210W, an 8-port, Layer 2 Gigabit PoE switch. USW-Ultra-210W is the ideal solution for small businesses, home offices, and other environments where space is limited and reliable PoE connectivity is essential. Its compact design, powerful PoE capabilities, and advanced features make it an ideal choice for powering and managing your connected devices.

Key features
Seven GbE PoE+ output ports deliver power to your PoE-powered devices, while the one GbE PoE++ input port provides power for the switch itself. When PoE++ is used to power the switch, the total available PoE power reaches 42W, when PoE+ is used at the input, the total PoE power reaches 17W, and when standard PoE is used, the total PoE power reaches 8W. If the switch is powered by the included power adapter, the total PoE power reaches 202W, providing enough power for the connected devices. USW-Ultra-210W operates as a Layer 2 switch, supporting advanced features like VLAN, port mirroring, and port bonding for enhanced network management and control. This switch is a space-saving solution that can be easily mounted on a wall or flat surface, making it ideal for deployments where space is limited.

  • (7) GbE PoE+ output ports
  • (1) GbE port with optional PoE++ input*
  • 202W PoE availability with the included AC power adapter

‎*PoE input is supported for switch operation, with PoE+/PoE++ input or AC power required for PoE output.

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Dimensions 25 × 10 × 5 cm

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