Ubiquiti Switch Flex 3-pack

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Flexible 5-port, Layer 2 PoE switch for indoor and outdoor use, that can be powered with PoE++.

  • (4) GbE PoE+ ports
  • (1) GbE PoE++ input port for power
  • 46W PoE availability* PoE++ input
  • 20W PoE availability PoE+ input
  • 8W PoE availability PoE input
  • Indoor/Outdoor

*When powered with a PoE++ switch or a 60W PoE adapter (sold separately).

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The all-weather UniFi Switch Flex is a compact and convenient solution for outdoor networking. Its small size combined with the rich functionality inherent in L2 level switches allows the model to be integrated into virtually any project. A special feature of the model is the possibility of automatic power management, which greatly facilitates the use for power supply of client equipment without requiring personal configuration of each port.

Although externally UniFi Switch Flex practically repeats the design of access points of the same line, the housing of the switch is adapted to any possible weather conditions. Thus, the connectors are safely sheltered from moisture, and durable material minimizes the risk of damage from mechanical impact. At the same time, the designers have included sufficient flexibility in terms of installation.

Outdoor switch has a network interface consisting of five gigabit Ethernet ports. Each of them supports PoE technology, including the relatively new 802.3 AF standard. The first of the connectors is designed exclusively for power supply to the device itself, while the remaining ones are intended for distribution to the connected devices. In order to simplify port status monitoring, each of the ports is equipped with its own LED indication, signaling operability, PoE availability and traffic on the port.

USW-Flex can be installed not only on horizontal or vertical surfaces, but also on tubular structures. One of the interesting features of the switch is the ability to mount the device on a magnetic base.

The USW-Flex powers a variety of products, including the UniFi Video Camera G3 Flex, UniFi Video Camera G4 Pro, and UniFi AC Mesh AP, which use 802.3af PoE. To enable its maximum power budget of 46W, the USW-Flex can be powered by the USW-Industrial, US-XG-6POE, USW-Pro-24-PoE or USW-Pro-48-PoE switches, which provide 60W of 802.3bt PoE++.

UniFi Network Application allows to centrally manage multiple networks from an intuitive interface. Using this application you will be able to upgrade device firmware remotely, manage network users and guests, enjoy deep configuration options and also personalize the design, architecture, and privacy of guest hotspots.


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Dimensions 15 × 15 × 5 cm

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