Ubiquiti POE Switch Professional USW-PRO-24-POE

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A 24-port, Layer 3 switch capable of high-power PoE++ output.

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The UniFi Switch Pro 24 PoE is an improved version of the already well-proven 24-port switch from the same product line. In addition to the hardware improvements, there are several innovations aimed at improving usability. The main difference between the UniFi Switch Pro 24 PoE and the basic version is a powerful power supply capable of delivering up to 450W. Thanks to this feature, the model has support for 802.3bt on ports 17 to 24, with a maximum power supply for subscriber equipment up to 60 watts. POE+ distribution is possible on ports 1 through 16.
Mixed network interface UniFi Switch Pro 24 PoE includes both 24 GigabitEthernet ports and 2 slots for SFP+ modules. Speaking of the RJ45 connectors, it’s worth noting that all of them are capable of delivering power over twisted pair: 16 ports work under the PoE+ standard, while the remaining 8 work under the new 802.3bt standard, which is already used in some Ubiquiti devices. Nevertheless, when designing a network, keep in mind that the maximum power on the interfaces leaves 30 and 60 watts respectively, which is enough to power Ubiquiti devices.
As in earlier models, the switch in question has an effective active cooling system, but the new model has a lower noise level compared to its predecessor. This allows you to install the switch outside the server room without fear of causing discomfort to people in the room. Another innovation worth mentioning is the 1.3-inch touchscreen display. Using it, you can quickly make changes to settings, as well as view some data about the device’s operation without accessing the controller’s graphical interface. This saves time and allows you to quickly respond to emerging problems.


  • (16) GbE PoE+, (8) GbE PoE++ ports
  • (2) 10G SFP+ ports
  • 400W total PoE availability
  • DC power backup-ready
  • Layer 3 switching
  • Near-silent cooling

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