MikroTik LtAP mini LTE kit (2024) RB912R-2nD-LTm&EC200A-EU

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Tiny, affordable weatherproof access point with a built-in LTE modem and GPS. Add extensive networking and tracking options to your vehicle without breaking the bank! This is a 2024 refresh with added B28 band support.

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LtAP Mini LTE kit is a compact and rugged wireless access point designed to keep your vehicle connected wherever you go. Whether you’re riding through the Great Outdoors or navigating busy urban streets, this tiny device ensures you’re always online and ready to upload location data.

LtAP mini has a special extra-durable enclosure with a wall mounting kit, two SIM slots to alternate between cellular providers, and integrated GPS support, making this a perfect device for tracking moving vehicles like cars, buses or trains.

There’s an Ethernet port for your wired devices and a classic 2.4 GHz wireless radio. The RS232 serial port gives you console access for debugging.

The power options are as flexible as they get. You have the classic DC jack, passive PoE-in, and a microUSB option. We have even seen users powering the LtAP mini with a portable power bank throughout the day!

The new LTE card offers a better price and the support of the most popular LTE bands, including the B28 band! It is connected to two internal antennas with u.FL connectors, so you can unplug the connectors and add your own external LTE antenna for even better coverage.

We have provided a simple tracking application example in the RouterOS documentation – to help you start tracking your vehicle’s location in real-time. You will need to connect an external GPS antenna, we recommend using the ACGPSA antenna with IP67 water resistance rating.

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