MikroTik LHGG LTE6 kit (2024) LHGGR&FG621-EA

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An affordable last-mile-internet solution for the most remote areas. This is a 2024 refresh – with Gigabit Ethernet and the best price to date.

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When mobile phone reception fails, the LHGG LTE6 kit steps in as your reliable last-mile-internet solution. Its large 17 dBi antenna and our latest Cat6 LTE modem with the ability to use multiple LTE bands at the same time ensure fast and reliable connectivity when all other options fail. Mount it on a pole, a mast, on your roof or any other tall structure – and always stay connected!

This kit is an update that combines the strengths of our previous LHG bestsellers. It has gained Gigabit Ethernet – so you can harness the full speed potential of the LTE modem, which has also been upgraded from Cat4 to Cat6! The new LTE modem allows us to drive the price down, boost performance, and offer further discounts on mobile operator project volume orders!

The sleek and unobtrusive weatherproof design has proven its resilience across various climate zones, enduring even the harshest winds effortlessly. This translates to significant time and cost savings on maintenance for you or your team.

The mighty high-gain antenna boasts broad support for a versatile range of LTE bands, spanning from 2.7 GHz to 700 MHz. With such extensive coverage, you can expect to capture a signal virtually anywhere across the globe!

Cable networks and phones can no longer limit you. Choose an LHG – and always stay connected!

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 16 × 47 × 43 cm

Ethernet ports

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