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Wireless motion detector taking photos by alarm and on demand.

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Detection – Intellect against false alarms
We have combined special optics with a software filter for false alarms in motion detectors. Along with a professional installation, it gives high detection accuracy.

Special lens
The pattern of the Fresnel lens sections is designed so that the diagrams of the infrared radiation of a human, an animal, and thermal noise have significant differences. Large sections of the lens capture radiation at the level of the head and torso of an adult. Smaller sections make the diagram more detailed. The MotionCam lens provides the detector with accurate information about the thermal object in the detection zone and the nature of its movement.

Filter for thermal interferences
The detector instantly analyzes the thermal diagram from the sensor: the infrared radiation intensity, the heat spot size, the motion speed, the time spent in the detection zone, and other parameters.

Ajax engineers have analyzed thousands of IR sensor triggerings caused by humans, animals, and thermal interference and developed SmartDetect. The software algorithm finds false alarm markers instantly and with high accuracy. As a result, the detector accurately responds to a human and does not bother the user with false alarms.

Temperature compensation
Temperature compensation is a software mechanism keeping the thermal diagram contrast even if the ambient temperature is close to the temperature of the human body. With each ambient temperature measurement, the detector corrects the PIR sensor data according to the coefficient table stored in its memory. The detector is effective over the entire operating temperature range.

Sensitivity level
With the sensitivity setting, the detector adapts to the conditions of a particular room, considering possible thermal interference or pets. Changing the sensitivity setting affects the markers by which false alarms are filtered. With low sensitivity, the detector is less likely to respond even to an active pet. And with high sensitivity, it will raise the alarm in case of any motion in the detection zone. Sensitivity is configured in the Ajax app both on-site and remotely.

Photo verification – Peace of mind on demand
MotionCam (PhOD) needs only seconds to show the actual situation on the scene and dispel the user’s doubts in case of an alarm. It takes a click in the Ajax app to take an on-demand photo. Also, the detector will automatically take a series of photos if it captures motion or when FireProtect or FireProtect Plus fire detector triggers.

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